Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super easy pin cushion

Hi there! I've been looking for an easy pin cushion tutorial for a while but couldn't find any cute and easy enough. They were all too time consuming to me ( by that I mean they would take 1hour+ to complete. And that's a LOT for a mummy! ) And then I came across this super easy tutorial  which didn't require any cutting or sewing! What could be easier? Sadly, I can't find the link again to share with you. I'll just show you mine and you'll figure it out! That's how easy it is!

I made 2 in 30min !

What you'll need:

- a small pot/jar/container .. anything will do! 
- a charm square or anything approx. 10cmx10cm
- fabric scraps or fiber filling
- glue gun
- some decorations or more scraps

I used my cactus pot. Apparently indoor plants don't like me very much and they tend to die out slowly unless I take them outside. :))
I aslo had a lot of small scraps from my quilting and sewing projects which I've been saving for a pin cushion. 

oooh, my poor table was scratched by the pasta machine I used the other day for clay :(

So what you need to do is measure approx. the amount of filling you gonna need by putting the scraps or fiber filling in your pot/jar..

Then you glue the charm square to the sides of the pot/jar leaving about 2cm unglued. Next you put the filling in. I put in fabric scraps and a bit of fiber filling on top to make the cushion softer and easier to put pins in. Then you glue the rest of the charm square to the pot/jar.

The label wouldn't peel off so I left in on.

Almost done! Now you decorate it with something. I used an organza flower on the pot and a fabric flower from bigger pieces of scraps on the jar.


isn't it cute?

And so I have two pin cushions! One for pins and one for sewing needles! What I really like about these pin cushions is that they're heavy so they'll stay nicely in place when you take pins in and out. :)