Saturday, November 19, 2011

Decorate your baby's onesie

My husband brought home some new onesies for Summer (He always buy something for her when he's out. Sweet daddy!  <3 ) white, cream and pink! I love babies in white! White makes them look even more like angels!! But  we had so many whites that I decided to color some of them up ;)
Here's the result:

Oooohhh!! So colorful!!! 

All you need is some white onesies or t-shirts, fabric markers and drawing skills of a 5 year old! (well, at least that's what I have :)) 

Markers I used. Crayola for about 12$ from Officeworks. 

And here are the first ones I decorated about 6 months ago (using that same pack of markers)

S for Summer, Butterfly for Girl and I heart Mummy & Daddy :)

It took me 30 minutes with Summer around. I just let her play with the markers. :) 

If you decide to make some cute onesies for your bubby I'd love to see them! 

Have a nice weekend with your family everyone! xoxoxo

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