Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Where do people find time to do everything they manage to do?? I wonder..

Anyway, let me share with you what I've managed today.
Little bit of cake:

Russian cake Pancho! It's one of my favourite cakes! I replace Russian smetana with sour cream and it seems perfect. My hubby says this cake tastes like cheesecake but I totally disagree :))
Recipe is from here (in Russian, of course :P) Pancho cake. This is the 3rd Pancho recipe I've tried out. I mopdified it a bit thou. Russian cakes are a bit too sweet for me, so I always put less sugar in and I don't like fruit in cakes.

Little bit of clay:
My polymer clay starter kit has arrived today and this is what I made:

Personalized ear studs! I facebooked them today for my friends and family to order! I think they will make a perfect X-mas gift! So happy!

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