Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jelly roll skirt

I've completed the jelly roll skirt! It was even easier than the charm pack one. No underskirt, no bottom hem, no waistband!

Oh well.. I had to learn serging though.. :P But I'm very happy I've conquered our serger :)) I've always thought of serging as of something very complicated. Probably because of all those threads running through it but serging is actually easier than sewing :D Oh, and guess what? I discovered that you can make ruffle with a serger! Woohoo! No need to buy a gathering foot anymore!!

I love serging now! It's fun! :)) and no more raw edges and running threads! 

Like the skirt? Follow this tutorial : Ruffled jelly roll skirt by Sewplicity

Things I learned:
1. SERGE!! (woohoo! and adjust my serger!)
2. Make ruffle with serger
3. to follow the steps in the tutorial. lol. that will save you a lot of time, trust me! :))