Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Charm squares skirt I - finished!

How do you like my blog's new look? I think it's fun and fresh! I'm happy that I finally took time to design it.
And now the skirt:
Other side:
This skirt doesn't really have front and back. It can be worn any way.

I machine-embroided the underskirt on our Janome and gathered the dress the simplest way by stitching two rows with longest stitch option on my sewing machine and then pulling the thread ends. I hated that part so next time I'll just buy a gathering foot.

This was my first ever skirt and second sewing project! So if you like it don't hesitate and check out the tutorial here: Madras Plaid skirt by the Polkadot chair.

I had a very productive day yesterday thanks to my husband who helped me a lot with Summer. I managed to sew together pieces of two more skirts. One more charm pack skirt:

Pastel this time. Size 3-4 for my niece.

And a jelly roll skirt of the same size:

I'm also knitting a scarf when Summer is awake and I can't go to the sewing machine.
If only I could be this productive everyday :))

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