Thursday, December 22, 2011

two hours in the morning

That's how much time I have for crafting if I get up at 6 in the morning like today :)

The morning started quite frustrating. I bought a mini ironing board from Ikea y'day to put in our laundry room where I usually press my projects:

And the legs turned out to be uneven!

Can you see that? One end doesn't even touch the surface!

Very disappointing but it doesn't worth a trip to Ikea to exchange it.

Second frustrating thing was my sewing machine. The upper thread kept on breaking I had to rethread it about 20 times! Arrggg!! And the thing is no one really knows exactly how to fix it. All you can do is try changing the tension which I did but it didn't really work. You just play around with your machine for a bit and it gets back to normal. That's how I fix my sewing machine when something goes wrong. I rethread it, take the bobbin out, clean it, turn tension wheels and then after few minutes it works again without me actually changing anything.

And now my progress! Here's my first jelly roll skirt.


..and embroidered! Love our Janome MC!

I actually like this skirt more without the ruffle. The fabrics aren't my favourite. I bought this jelly just because I couldn't wait to start making the skirt and Spotlight didn't have anything better.

Second jelly roll skirt. Blue "a walk in the woods". This is how it looked.

And here it is after shortening:

This fabric is too cute!

Pink-red "a walk in the woods" isn't done yet. "The future owner" of that skirt will visit us after New Year's Eve so I'm working on the Zig Zag skirt first.

Sew side seams together, attach waistband, make bottom hem and the skirt is ready to wear!

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