Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lazy green tea ice-cream

Hello everyone!

I had some busy and stressful days and I kind of lost my balance but I'm sure I will be fine very soon.
The past 2 months have been really busy for me. I was fully occupied with setting up my online shop (well, I still have many ideas and plans running in my head but I try to keep them down) that I haven't been having much time for my daughter. And that CANNOT be good. So that will be changed soon as I'm craving for some crochet and knitting right now :)

And now.. some natural antidepressant - ice-cream!! :P Green tea ice cream is my second favorite (after chocolate. of course!) The first and best green tea ice-cream I ever tasted was from a Japanese restaurant in Moscow, strong flavor, not too sweet and quite bitter. Yeah, I like it bitter, It's green tea - it has to be bitter! That is probably the main reason why I prefer my own green tea ice cream over the store bought ones. Plus, they're not always that easy to find, quite expensive, too sweet and without much green tea flavor.

So all you need is vanilla ice cream and green tea powder. The latter you can buy from an Asian grocery store. Mine is made in Taiwan, bought by my brother-in-law for 12$ (11.49 to be precise :)) ) and it is still half full after six months! That is so much cheaper comparing to store-bought green tea ice-creams ! 13$ for 500ml bucket or 4$ for a tiny scoop?!!

And this is how I do it:

And then I mix:

And then I eat:

It may not look very appetizing but trust me it is soooo yumm!!!

Or you can premake the whole tub to serve it nicely later:

I used a 2 litre Vanilla ice cream tub. Put the ice cream in a mixer, add green tea powder, mix it for a little bit , put it back in the tub and then in the freezer to harden! Nice and quick! The ice cream will shrink in half thou :P And it gets pretty hard but here's the trick: put your ice cream scoop or whatever you use to get ice cream with in hot water before scooping the ice-cream and problem's solved!

Yummy Yum!!!

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