Thursday, October 27, 2011

My light box

So here is my light box. I found many different tutorials for light boxes: some use normal white paper, some use tracing paper, some use white fabrics.. My choice was baking paper :D  I thought it would have the same effect as tracing paper.

 It's not finished yet. I still need to line the inside of the box with white paper. 

And here is what I've discovered by accident!! A perfect white light box! Yay!

Guess what it is? White Ikea shelving unit! Last night my daughter was playing with the dvds (as always :) making a  mess by getting all the dvds out and throwing them around on the floor) and that is when I got the idea!

Not too bad, right?

So I'll be using the Ikea unit for white photos and my light box when I need to take photos on other surfaces. 


  1. Nice tip! Thanks for sharing. I came across your comment on Etsy Australia. Good to meet another local seller. grace