Monday, January 16, 2012

a double happy day

Today is my double happy day! How could you not be happy to receive this?

My craft books are here! Its my first time buying from Amazon and I didn't expect them to arrive this early! I used to buy from Australian websites. My favourite was Fishpond because they have free shipping so you know from  the start how much you;re paying. But then most of their books are located in the US or UK so it normally takes a month for the books to arrive here. I decided to try Amazon and I'm very happy! With shipping (normally 5-6$/book) it is still cheaper than to buy in Australia and now I know that it also arrives earlier!

How lovely is this?

Sewing for girls. I saw this book on RetroMummy's blog and decided to check it out. I normally check all books on Amazon because they have that "Look Inside" option then I would buy from Australian websites but not any more...

The inside is even cuter! Makes me want to start sewing right away..

And why am I double happy? Because something else arrived today as well..

Oh my..! I can't get over pretty pre-cuts! I wish I had a lot of kids or relatives around :))

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