Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flower garden quilt

I wanted to clean up my working space so I dig straight into my scraps... Most of them aren't scraps from my projects, they're from scrap bags that I actually purchased for my fabric buttons. But after some time I realized that scrap bags aren't the best option for my fabric button creations (what a word!)

I never realized that I had this much.. It looked a lot less folded and stacked..

All my flower pattern scraps

I sorted out all pieces with flower patterns to make a quilt (most likely) I don't really have a design in mind or anything I just really want to "get rid" of all this scraps :)) So first thing.. I sort them by colors

(I don't know why this picture keeps rotating itself after uploading. Sorry but I don't know how to fix that)

Then normally you should trim all pieces to the same size but the perfectionist in me went to sleep so the busy mummy could do some sewing :)) I didn't lay out the pattern either. It wasn't necessary for this quilt. I just took everything straight to the sewing machine and started sewing pieces together..

Then I sewed pieces-of-2 together..

Then I sewed together pieces-of-4 and in the result I have 7 long strips (an uneven number will be a bit of a problem here :))

I think it looks lovely! I'm happy and ready to have a good night sleep.. :)

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